A Guide to Choosing LED Lights



LED lights have risen in popularity due to their ability to utilize less current yet produce more light. Their energy efficiency comes from the impeccable design and the technology that is used within. This allows them to use between 80-90% of the current fed into them to produce light while the remainder generates heat. This efficiency allows the bulbs to light for a very long time without getting warm, unlike the conventional bulbs that can easily burst if left on for a long time.

Before you head out to purchase LED rope light, you have to know what you are getting. These lights normally come with some features that will make you distinguish them easily. One notable feature is the aluminum heat sink which conducts heat away from the bulb allowing it light brightly without overheating. Aluminum is a good heat conductor and works efficiently to ensure the bulb functions as effectively as possible.

Mercury is a useful yet dangerous element when high levels are exposed to the human body. LED lights do not have mercury hence you will not have to worry about ways of disposing it and how it should be kept away from children. Disposal of bulbs is always a problem, but with LEDs there is no risk involved when children and pets get into contact with it.

There is no ballast necessary when striking a balance in LED as it is with the fluorescent bulbs. While it does a great job in those instances, it ends up increasing the costs of electricity with a high rate of power consumption. You shouldn’t be ready to incur the burden of high lighting costs when you can replace the existing system with an LED strip light for better results.

When looking for the best light bulbs for your home or office, there is no doubt that LEDs are your number one choice. They are a directional light source hence hit the 110-degree angle when producing a light thus keeping the entire room bright. These lights do not give off UV light hence are much safer compared to the conventional bulbs. To know more about LED, visit http://www.encyclopedia.com/science-and-technology/computers-and-electrical-engineering/computers-and-computing/leds.

There are very many benefits that come from installing LED lights in your home or office. These lights do come in different voltage levels hence you need to determine which ones are suitable in your home or office before making a purchase. Once you have settled on the right kind of bulb, go ahead and find a good dealer before making the purchase.


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